BH 36 ECD classroom construction complete

“Join us and the community around BH 36 Primary School in Chidobe ward in celebration as we have together just completed construction of an ECD block, outdoor and indoor play equipment and a functional profitable income generating project. These activities were made possible by the kind support from The Roger Federer Foundation. Over 52 children (28 FEMALES & 14 MALES) are benefiting from the new establishment and feed every school day. You will not believe that there are 22 more schools that we have supported to this state over the past two years”

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UNICA partners RUFF’s kitchens in a feeding programme

Schools recently opened for the third term. We are proud to share with you our newly launched feeding programme at Masue Primary school. More than 228 children from ECD grade to grade 7 are feeding daily from nutritious mahewu. The project is proudly supported by the RUFF’s Kitchens.

The relationship between nutrition and learning cannot be overlooked in Early Childhood Development Education. Adequate nutrition is necessary for normal brain development, laying the foundation for future cognitive and social ability, school success, and productivity. Undernutrition may influence brain development both directly and indirectly.
• Nutrient deficiencies directly affect neurodevelopmental processes.
• Undernutrition affects children’s experiences and behavior, which in turn influence brain development.

An integrated approach is likely to be most effective for promoting optimal child development, i.e., interventions that combine improved nutrition with other strategies such as enhancing parental involvement, a conducive learning environment through proper structures, quality play grounds and the quality of caregiver-child interaction.

Early Childhood Development Centres assessment begins

This week our team was involved in assessment of 15 schools in Hwange rural to be supported with construction / renovation of Early Childhood Development classroom blocks. These schools all have a total enrollment of over 1100 children currently learning under trees or in dilapidated structures. Our aim is to create a conducive friendly learning environment for children. We seek to make lasting contributions in our local communities.12801699_506627912871648_663819865244474500_n 12088235_506627512871688_6838252163521068109_n


Last week UNICA attended an Annual General Meeting in Harare for Zimbabwe Network of Early Childhood Development Actors (ZINECDA), which is a member of the Africa Network of Early Childhood Development Actors (ANECDA). The meeting which was attended by key stakeholders in ECD programming was a platform to learn and appreciate major issues of concern and progress in ECD education in Zimbabwe.

11693925_470238149843958_999040513584716006_nDuring the meeting, our Director – Mr. Douglas Musiringofa who is the current chairperson of the ZINECDA Matabeleland North Province Chapter had an opportunity to present the situation and progress on ECD education in the province. The chapter has been successfully formed supporting over 2200 children through its partners coordinated by District Chairpersons in Lupane, Binga, Tsholotsho, Hwange, Bubi and Nkayi districts.11222580_470239073177199_3134558864470993782_nWe wish to thank all our partners and members supporting us to make our dream to educating our children a reality. If you wish to receive more information regarding ZINECDA and our work, please do not hesitate to contact us on: / Cell: +263 772 443 848 / +263 775 728 471.12241176_470239003177206_6320420483225167914_n

UNICA constructs 4 Early Childhood Development Centres

Last week UNICA was involved in the construction of 4 Early Childhood Development Centres in Hwange Rural. Supported by the Roger Federer Foundation, the project is implemented in collaboration with Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and Child Protection Society. A total of 314 children were learning under trees and will soon be sheltered in these structures in the next term beginning 8th of September 2015. nemananga UNICA has capacitated the communities through training on making of indoor and outdoor play equipment. More than 100 pieces of indoor and outdoor play equipment have been made in these schools. Please see pictures below. Since April 2014, UNICA has supported more than 11 schools through this project. 11816968_443130119221428_1279840764344108532_n 11817202_443130152554758_6222018682890507695_n 11822574_443130199221420_5315727196854782005_n 11863467_443130265888080_4636110174961757220_n 11218785_443130189221421_8615888965491866370_n