Training and Setting Up of 4 Outdoor Play Grounds

30415423_861238867410549_5439497254849216512_oOur team together with Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education are getting ready for yet another busy week ahead of us to set up 4 outdoor play grounds in four rural primary schools… This makes it 31 schools in just 9 months and 61 schools in 3 years… We are more than inspired by our achievement so far!

“Whoever wants to understand much must play much.” – Gottfried Benn30414872_861238787410557_7072260661908078592_o

Training and setting up of outdoor play grounds

Outdoor play training and mounting
 Outdoor play  equipment training and mounting for Lumbora Primary School

Over the past month our team has been camping around 27 primary schools in Hwange District training and setting up outdoor play grounds for children in Early Childhood Development grade. We feel inspired by the zeal in most communities as parents came out in numbers to work with us in setting up these important play facilities. We can only imagine a brighter future for the many children we are helping out judging from the commitment of the parents.

Construction of ECD Blocks at Chewumba and Kanywambizi Primary School

Construction works taking place at Chewumba and Kanywambizi pry schools. We have reached this far through collaborations with Hwange Rural District Council and School Development Committees who have contributed bricks, river-sand and labor respectively.

27500251_829152193952550_4672702778266594522_o Our role is coordination and providing such materials which local authorities could not provide i.e cement, brick-force, window/door frames, roof and other such materials which are not locally available.


Training on making and mounting of outdoor play grounds

Today we reach you from Chezya and Makwa Primary Schools – situated 160kms along the Zambezi Valley were we successfully trained 91 School Development Committee members in the two schools and set up their play grounds.

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We take pride in supporting the education of children and believe that an investment in education pays the best dividends hence our efforts.