Sizinda Child-Friendly & Women’s Centre construction update

Since late 2014 construction of UNICA’s new Child-Friendly and Women’s Centre has been underway at Sizinda on the outskirts of Victoria Falls. The new Centre is supported by the Elizabeth Foundation, the Roger Federer Foundation, donations from UN City staff members in Copenhagen as well as individual donors from around the world.

The need for the new Centre was established as part of the “Catch Them Young” Early Childhood Development (ECD) project, which provides children under six with immunisation, healthy meals and facilitating positive dialogues with parents on issues including child rights. UNICA is continuing to implement in the Catch Them Young project partnership with the Roger Federer Foundation and other NGOs in northern Zimbabwe. This includes completing the Sizinda Centre to provide an appropriate facility in that area, replacing a local gazebo where ECD activities are currently being conducted.

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Fireman John Twilley visits the Child-Friendly Centre

For the past week children and youths have continued to come to the Victoria Falls Child-Friendly Centre in large numbers, almost 50 a day. A volunteer named John Twilley has ridden his bike all the way from the UK to Africa and has his tent mounted at the Centre. He has offered his time and services to help the local children.

On his journey John has traveled from Portsmouth, Hampshire and has so far covered ten African countries. Now in northern Zimbabwe, he has been playing with the children at the Centre and reading stories for them. The level of energy has surprisingly increased with a new face at the Centre. It has created a hive of activity as children express a renewed interest in being at the Centre.

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UNICA Child-Friendly Centres
Funding Drive

UNICA currently aims to raise $2000 on a monthly basis for the operational upkeep of two ‘Child-Friendly Centres’ in Matabeleland North Province, Zimbabwe.

The Victoria Falls Child-Friendly Centre is at the core of UNICA operations, and provides a safe environment for youth to learn and play. Numerous activates are run for children and youth from the centre such as educational and sports activities, providing internet access and many other of UNICA’s projects and programmes that utilise the centre as an activities hub.

Due to the success of the Victoria Falls centre construction is underway of new Child & Women’s Centre in Sizinda, 20 kilometres outside of Victoria Falls.

UNICA needs to raise $2000 on a monthly basis to keep the two Child-Friendly Centres running permanently. If you would like to give a monthly contribution or a once off donation to this important project, please click here.

Peer-education programme and community outreach teams

Young people in Victoria Falls have established their own community outreach teams and peer-education programme, working from UNICA’s Child-Friendly Centre.

Fourteen youths meet to discuss strategies against child abuse two weeks ago at the Centre, at a weekly meeting held to discuss social issues. The teenagers decided to work on an education programme to spread awareness on this and other issues in the local community over the next few months. They have since established five community outreach teams and an education programme that includes tackling alcohol and substance abuse. They plan to take their positive messages into various forums within the local community.

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First Child-Friendly Centre Update for 2015!

Last week young people in Zimbabwe were preparing to head back to school after the holiday period. In Victoria Falls, several extracurricular tutorials took place at the local UNICA Child-Friendly Centre to assist children and youths with their learning at school.

A UNICA officer at the centre provides regular tuition for local children and youths, based on the education system’s syllabus.

A range of other fun activities also took place at the centre over the holidays, ranging from children playing with dices, rope skipping, swinging, computer games, while the infants played with toys.

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