Kiddies Life-Skills Development and Exposure Program

21125446_752281434972960_1093591278259154273_o The kiddies life-skills development and exposure program ends on a good note today as 20 of the girls and boys toured The Zambezi Explorer in Victoria Falls. It was an amazing experience seeing how much joy the children had and passion some of they carried away from the event.

21199717_752281511639619_7665234351606197004_o Special thanks goes to Michelle Gapara the Founder of Bella Bright Enterprises for organizing this holiday life-skills program and The Zambezi Explorer for hosting the children.
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Training on making and mounting of outdoor play grounds

Today we reach you from Chezya and Makwa Primary Schools – situated 160kms along the Zambezi Valley were we successfully trained 91 School Development Committee members in the two schools and set up their play grounds.

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We take pride in supporting the education of children and believe that an investment in education pays the best dividends hence our efforts.


Introducing our staff – Sheldon Sipho Siziba

Today we introduce you to Sheldon “Shellas” Siziba one of our Project Officers. Sheldon joined UNICA is 2012 and has been key in the growth of the organization to date. He is well acquainted and experienced in HIV/AIDS and Child Protection matters. Sheldon has worked with Masiye Camp and Regional Psycho Social Support Initiatives (REPSSI) before were he gained extensive experience in Psycho Social Support programming. Sheldon is in charge of our Psycho Social Support initiatives and Early Childhood Development projects. Take a look at some of Sheldon’s photos in action…

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UNICA visits Ndlovu Government Secondary School

The UNICA team enjoyed exhibiting their work at Ndlovu Government Secondary School recently, having been invited to the school’s career guidance program. The UNICA officers shared with students what it takes to work in development, the type of work that is done there and the staff’s personal experiences during their time doing development work.IMG-20150327-WA0001

Some of the types of development work conveyed to the children were Project Management, Community Psychology, Rural and Urban Development and Early Childhood Development, which are as some of UNICA’s primary focus areas.

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